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Torch Dowm

Torch down roofing systems are available on pitched and flat roof buildings. The torch down roof is made up of layers of fiberglass and polyester with bitumen that are added to the tar and gravel layering system. The origin of the name comes from the next step in the process: the extra sheets are torched down during the installation process using large flame-throwing torches that melt the asphalt at the seams to link them together. The final outcome is the vulcanization of a large rubber sheet onto a fiberglass base.

Due to this unique installation method, torch on roofs offer extra durability and resistance to a flat-sloped or low-sloped roof. However, these roofs are not appropriate for buildings in environments that are prone to heavy rainfall or snowfall.

Many customers prefer torch on systems over standard tar and gravel roofs because of the aesthetic properties. A torch down system is extremely more attractive than a traditional tar and gravel roof. However, one problem with this type of installation process is the use of open flames. That is why it is imperative to select a qualified roof specialist to install your torch down roof.

With the proper maintenance, a torch down roof can last up to 30 years. Best Home Solutions offers regular inspections and proper roof maintenance designed to extend the useful life of your roof. Avoid common problems that can result in the need to replace the roof entirely. Contact your residential and industrial roofing contractor today for a free estimate.

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